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Authenticated Private Information Retrieval

Aug 10 2023

Toward Internet Performance Transparency – Georgia Fragkouli

Aug 29 2022

Auditing the Swiss Post E-voting System: An Architectural Perspective

Apr 4 2022

TRIP: Trustless Coercion-Resistant In-Person Voter Registration

Feb 14 2022

Integrity and Metadata Protection in Data Retrieval – Kirill Nikitin

Nov 26 2021

AI for Governance Belongs in Mechanism, Not Policy

Nov 18 2020

Identity and Personhood in Digital Democracy: Evaluating Inclusion, Equality, Security, and Privacy in Pseudonym Parties and Other Proofs of Personhood

Nov 4 2020

MorphIT: Morphing Packet Reports for Internet Transparency

May 4 2019

CHAINIAC: Proactive Software-Update Transparency via Collectively Signed Skipchains and Verified Builds

Aug 18 2017

How Do You Know It's On the Blockchain? With a SkipChain.

Aug 1 2017

UnLynx: A Decentralized System for Privacy-Conscious Data Sharing

Jul 19 2017

Keeping Authorities “Honest or Bust” with Decentralized Witness Cosigning

May 23 2016

Apple, FBI, and Software Transparency

Mar 10 2016

Collectively Witnessing Log Servers in CT

Oct 20 2015

A Flexible Architecture for Structural Reliability Auditing to the Clouds – Ennan Zhai

Aug 11 2015

Certificate Cothority: Towards Trustworthy Collective CAs

Jul 2 2015

Heading Off Correlated Failures through Independence-as-a-Service

Oct 7 2014

Structural Cloud Audits that Protect Private Information

Nov 8 2013

An Untold Story of Redundant Clouds: Making Your Service Deployment Truly Reliable

Nov 3 2013

Device Transparency: a New Model for Mobile Storage

Oct 11 2009

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