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Reliability and Robustness

QuePaxa: Escaping the Tyranny of Timeouts in Consensus

Oct 23 2023

Building Strongly-Consistent Systems Resilient to Failures, Partitions, and Slowdowns – Cristina Băsescu

May 26 2023

Immunizing Systems from Distant Failures by Limiting Lamport Exposure

Nov 10 2021

Que Sera Consensus: Simple Asynchronous Agreement with Private Coins and Threshold Logical Clocks

Mar 4 2020

Threshold Logical Clocks for Asynchronous Distributed Coordination and Consensus

Jul 16 2019

A Flexible Architecture for Structural Reliability Auditing to the Clouds – Ennan Zhai

Aug 11 2015

Heading Off Correlated Failures through Independence-as-a-Service

Oct 7 2014

Structural Cloud Audits that Protect Private Information

Nov 8 2013

An Untold Story of Redundant Clouds: Making Your Service Deployment Truly Reliable

Nov 3 2013

Icebergs in the Clouds: the Other Risks of Cloud Computing

Jun 12 2012

CertiKOS: A Certified Kernel for Secure Cloud Computing

Jul 11 2011

Advanced Development of Certified OS Kernels

Jul 15 2010

Bryan Ford