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TRIP: Trustless Coercion-Resistant In-Person Voter Registration

Feb 14 2022

Technologizing Democracy or Democratizing Technology? A Layered-Architecture Perspective on Potentials and Challenges

Feb 1 2021

Identity and Personhood in Digital Democracy: Evaluating Inclusion, Equality, Security, and Privacy in Pseudonym Parties and Other Proofs of Personhood

Nov 4 2020

Rethinking Priorities: Should Identity Systems Divide or Unite People?

Feb 8 2019

Proof-of-Personhood: Redemocratizing Permissionless Cryptocurrencies

Apr 29 2017

Let's verify real people, not real names.

Oct 7 2015

An Offline Foundation for Online Accountable Pseudonyms

Apr 1 2008

Sybil Parties: An Offline Foundation for Online Accountability

Sep 24 2006

Bryan Ford