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Statistics for Year:  2006 

A new visits is defined as each new incoming visitor (viewing or browsing a page) who was not connected to your site during last 60 mn.
Number of client hosts (IP address) who came to visit the site (and who viewed at least one page).
This data refers to the number of different physical persons who had reached the site.
Number of times a page of the site is viewed (Sum for all visitors for all visits).
This piece of data differs from "hits" in that it counts only HTML pages as oppose to images and other files.
Number of times a page, image, file of the site is viewed or downloaded by someone.
This piece of data is provided as a reference only, since the number of "pages" viewed is often prefered for marketing purposes.
This piece of information refers to the amount of data downloaded by all pages, images and files within your site.
Units are in KB, MB or GB (KiloBytes, MegaBytes or GigaBytes)
Awstats recognizes each access to your site after a search from the 169 most popular Internet Search Engines and Directories (such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
List of all external pages which were used to link (and enter) to your site (Only the 10 most often used external pages are shown). Links used by the results of the search engines are excluded here because they have already been included on the previous line within this table.
This table shows the list of the most frequent keyphrases or keywords used to find your site from Internet Search Engines and Directories. (Keywords from the 169 most popular Search Engines and Directories are recognized by Awstats, such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
Note that total number of searches for keywords might be greater than total number of searches for keyphrases (real number of searches) because when 2 keywords were used on same search, search is counted twice for keywords (once for each word).
Robots (sometimes refer to Spiders) are automatic computer visitors used by many search engines that scan your web site to index it and rank it, collect statistics on Internet Web sites and/or see if your site is still online.
Awstats is able to recognize up to 615 robots.
All time related statistics are based on server time.
Here, reported data are: average values (calculated from all data between the first and last visit in analyzed range)
Here, reported data are: cumulative sums (calculated from all data between the first and last visit in analyzed range)
Some Visits durations are 'unknown' because they can't always be calculated. This is the major reason for this:
- Visit was not finished when 'update' occured.
- Visit started the last hour (after 23:00) of the last day of a month (A technical reason prevents Awstats from calculating duration of such sessions)
Worms are automatic computer visitors that are in fact external servers, infected by a virus, that try to make particular hits on your server to infect it. In most cases, such worms exploit some bugs of not up to date or commercial servers. If your system is not the sensitive target of the worm, you can simply ignore those hits.
There is very few 'server worms' in the world but they are very active at some times. Awstats is able to recognize 0 known worm's signatures (nimda,code red,...).
No description for this error.
Request was understood by server but will be processed later.
Server has processed the request but there is no document to send.
Partial content.
Requested document was moved and is now at another address given in answer.
No description for this error.
Syntax error, server didn't understand request.
Tried to reach an URL where a login/password pair was required.
A high number within this item could mean that someone (such as a hacker) is attempting to crack, or enter into your site (hoping to enter a secured area by trying different login/password pairs, for instance).
Tried to reach an URL not configured to be reachable, even with an login/password pair (for example, an URL within a directory not defined as "browsable".).
Tried to reach a non existing URL. This error often means that there is an invalid link somewhere in your site or that a visitor mistyped a certain URL.
Server has taken too much time to respond to a request. This error frequently involves either a slow CGI script which the server was required to kill or an extremely congested web server.
Internal error. This error is often caused by a CGI program that had finished abnormally (coredump for example).
Unknown requested action.
Code returned by a HTTP server that works as a proxy or gateway when a real, targeted server doesn't answer successfully to the client's request.
Internal server error.
Gateway Time-out.
HTTP Version Not Supported.
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Last Update: 21 Apr 2007 - 08:13
Reported period:Year 2002
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Keyphrases used on search engines  
497 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
hawaii37123.4 %
bryan ford21813.7 %
poopie list322 %
alligator song311.9 %
how to wipe your butt311.9 %
genealogy251.5 %
tornado231.4 %
bryan ford mit231.4 %
lincoln log poopie161 %
the alligator song161 %
the poopie list150.9 %
rizwan mallal140.8 %
poopie120.7 %
packrat parsing120.7 %
candace christensen120.7 %
bath time110.6 %
mombasa100.6 %
evolution100.6 %
karlyn bond90.5 %
rwanda90.5 %
wipe your butt80.5 %
long dong silver80.5 %
opus 9980.5 %
menegusso70.4 %
wipe butt70.4 %
funny cartoons60.3 %
free microkernel50.3 %
antelope island50.3 %
hawaii beach50.3 %
liquid plumber toilet50.3 %
kevin van maren50.3 %
sunny kim50.3 %
funny pictures50.3 %
lake louise pictures50.3 %
lagoon amusement park50.3 %
baford50.3 %
saira40.2 %
why you should wipe your butt40.2 %
hawaii flower40.2 %
nairobi40.2 %
mach 3.0 microkernel40.2 %
ford bryan40.2 %
bryan family40.2 %
candace40.2 %
packrat parser30.1 %
30.1 %
anna winkler30.1 %
spinal tap poopie30.1 %
bryan photo album30.1 %
gorillas30.1 %
backtracking algorithm30.1 %
30.1 %
cpu inheritance scheduling30.1 %
saira khan30.1 %
stephen starkey30.1 %
bryan ford music30.1 %
bryan photo30.1 %
schilthorn30.1 %
my cat willow30.1 %
alligator cartoons30.1 %
alligator song mp330.1 %
clean poopie30.1 %
ford publications30.1 %
paulo menegusso30.1 %
zarrin reynolds30.1 %
burkina20.1 %
home kitchen20.1 %
mike hibler20.1 %
csearch20.1 %
poopie stains20.1 %
carmen bryan20.1 %
ford work20.1 %
bryan s family album20.1 %
byu hawaii20.1 %
funny animals20.1 %
fisherman s bobber20.1 %
chroma paint20.1 %
amiga microkernel20.1 %
ford pdf20.1 %
honda accord20.1 %
opus20.1 %
molaki hawaii20.1 %
ghost poopie20.1 %
kivu20.1 %
antelopeisland20.1 %
xpk20.1 %
mike stafford20.1 %
butt wipe20.1 %
hawaii sunrise20.1 %
i like poopie20.1 %
sleepless software20.1 %
photo bryan20.1 %
utah tornados20.1 %
where can i find the poopie list?20.1 %
dawson engler20.1 %
examples of context-free grammars20.1 %
oskit memory management20.1 %
packrat behavior20.1 %
burkina faso20.1 %
mit bryan ford20.1 %
ford s algorithm20.1 %
packrat parsing bryan ford20.1 %
butt stains20.1 %
futon cambridge massachusetts20.1 %
ford pub20.1 %
alligators all around song20.1 %
hallstatt20.1 %
keykos20.1 %
sleepless.com20.1 %
icfp bryan ford20.1 %
microkernels meet recursive virtual machines20.1 %
recursive descent20.1 %
inman square condo20.1 %
how to wipe butt20.1 %
long dong silver penis20.1 %
funny animals posters20.1 %
gisenyi20.1 %
mike lenhardt20.1 %
humor collection20.1 %
poopie cartoons20.1 %
sunrise hawaii20.1 %
salt lake city tornado20.1 %
poopie corn20.1 %
jay lepreau20.1 %
alligator song download20.1 %
ford e puzzle20.1 %
bryan ford mike hibler and jay lepreau. using annotated interface definitions to optimize rpc.10 %
postfix java code algorithm10 %
long dong silver is real10 %
operating system in ford10 %
spaceutilization10 %
intel secrets t-shirt10 %
the swings10 %
mombasa snapshots10 %
of resaurants in hawaii10 %
claudio villa10 %
water poopie10 %
goethe genealogy10 %
baywath hawaii10 %
why you should wipe you butt10 %
fisherman s bobber poopie10 %
doug lea malloc10 %
the persistent relevance of the local operating system to global applications10 %
computer related fips10 %
picture funny10 %
ghost and poopie and spinal10 %
inner worlds sleepless10 %
mansion10 %
implementation of data encryption in programming language10 %
mineard genealogy10 %
lincoln log spinal tap mexican10 %
rwanda album10 %
bryan home page10 %
roland and fluke kernel10 %
mach 3.0 to a migrating thread model10 %
hmo s beginning10 %
complex grammar haskell parser10 %
kivu lake10 %
penis song play10 %
xpk compression program10 %
pretty good privacy qnx10 %
anna engler10 %
c optimizing doubly recursive functions10 %
fart comes out your but10 %
algorithm for backtracking10 %
tullmann10 %
opus- life is life10 %
bobber poopie10 %
hawaii pictures 1280x102410 %
kenya nairobi10 %
poopie log]10 %
lyrics to the song alligators all around10 %
operating systems design and implementation pdf10 %
parade firetruck children10 %
intel multiprocessor system inexpensive10 %
the bryan family10 %
bbc language recognizer10 %
how do you wipe your butt?10 %
david rovics the alligator song10 %
grammar left-recursion without making associative10 %
constructing a zip line10 %
lazy evaluation in c pdf10 %
chopin s nocturnes10 %
1.310 %
godmar back10 %
amiga xpk10 %
pocoman source code10 %
evolving mach 3.0 to a migrating thread model10 %
valcanoes hawaii10 %
lake louise mountains panorama10 %
operating systems in computer engineering curricula10 %
lake city honda10 %
how do you wipe your butt10 %
klint interpretation techniques10 %
george mallal10 %
memoized combination dynamic programming c10 %
keykos source10 %
ford paint chroma10 %
lincoln asshole10 %
poopie posters10 %
ford mach 410 %
1942.htm hawaii10 %
peisaje hawaii10 %
ashley mckinley hawaii10 %
simple precedence parsing10 %
ford international presentation10 %
auca rwanda10 %
source code in c for postfix character expression with symboltable10 %
haskell show function10 %
cfg parsing.java10 %
salt lake tornado10 %
flux project10 %
simple sokoban source code c10 %
10 %
tornado memory grove10 %
porridge poopie10 %
mernyl gallego10 %
freebsd for risc architecture10 %
xpk algorithms10 %
shake your butt toilet paper10 %
memoized generator parsing10 %
round turds10 %
boy butt on toilet10 %
steve clawson10 %
how-to wipe butt10 %
microkernels recursive virtual machines10 %
car tornado10 %
access advchar10 %
lincoln log poopie list10 %
holiday in mombasa kenya10 %
coffin10 %
hawaii fruitcrops10 %
toilet paper butt wipe10 %
ford r. bryan10 %
kevin frei utah10 %
cpu inheritance scheduling bryan10 %
funny10 %
baford pictures10 %
photos of rwanda10 %
nslr hash sets10 %
graph grammer splicing10 %
reader/writer problem implemented by pipe using c10 %
david rovics the alligator song lyrics10 %
recursive descent parser trivial language10 %
ford game10 %
flower stalks10 %
microkernel common criteria10 %
bryan or razor or attica or feigning or adventure10 %
packrat logic question10 %
tornado civic10 %
finest butt cheeks10 %
shoe10 %
alligator gonna do to you lyrics10 %
mernyl10 %
game engine and game programmer and resume10 %
hallstatt wallpaper10 %
memory grove tornado10 %
where do tornado hit hard10 %
hotel mimosa10 %
hawaii state flower hawaii state symbols10 %
funny people10 %
beer can in butt10 %
jay bryan utah10 %
packrat10 %
sokoban10 %
styrofoam10 %
saira khan utah10 %
bryan s family10 %
ford ps10 %
significance of lookahead parsing10 %
bool anbn string str10 %
multiprocessor spec qnx10 %
design linear time algorithm10 %
microkernel operating system pc i38610 %
tornado&car10 %
penis size10 %
doktor10 %
rosy butt cheeks10 %
record management resume10 %
honda civic tornado10 %
shapiro jonathan10 %
my cats10 %
zebediah10 %
my ford dot com10 %
alligator song lyrics10 %
david rovics mp310 %
user-level threads thread migration10 %
semantics antlr grammar logical programming unary10 %
amiga multiplayer bryan ford10 %
advantage and disadvantage of ll k vs. lr k parser10 %
real piano10 %
poopie.html10 %
flower of hawaii10 %
collection/bryan10 %
rwanda and travels10 %
bryan ford flux oskit10 %
compression libraries10 %
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model bryan10 %
haulul hawaii10 %
fart while giving birth10 %
all about poopie10 %
ford fluke10 %
packrat parsers10 %
kenya nairobi people10 %
packrat parsing icfp10 %
album photo rwanda10 %
funny people cartoons10 %
alligator penis10 %
bryan ford utah10 %
user level checkpointing10 %
alligator dicks10 %
source code standard out the value recursive descent parser evaluator grammar10 %
environment song10 %
fishesof hawaii10 %
honda tornado10 %
poopie lincoln log10 %
bronnikov yacc10 %
the penis song download10 %
rizwan10 %
rizwan hajiumerali10 %
jay benson10 %
sokoban java code source10 %
butt dump10 %
chrp spec10 %
computer programmer salt lake city10 %
susie amorim10 %
kids album10 %
dos game too fat10 %
regular-expressions-ambiguity10 %
amiga pcmcia specification10 %
server was unable to allocate from the system paged pool10 %
pocoman10 %
bryan ford mike hibler10 %
cfg and top down parsing.d java10 %
birds of hawaii10 %
evaluator left associative recursion infinite10 %
linear time parsing10 %
photos de bryan10 %
utah ford10 %
os inheritance scheduling10 %
pro-ps side effects10 %
c calculator recursive top down parser10 %
africavolunteer10 %
poopie list humor10 %
alligators all around song lyrics10 %
next10 %
ford 42010 %
hawaii.10 %
components of flux operating system10 %
10 %
t/tcp qnx10 %
antlr literal token alias10 %
lang algorithm line simplification10 %
sigops european workshop 200210 %
p.s. to operating systems10 %
noncanonical instances in java find10 %
utah travels10 %
potty humor at its finest10 %
kenya mombasa10 %
big red truck10 %
hawaii flower photos10 %
fast ford pictures10 %
xpk software10 %
jonathan shapiro source control10 %
how do i wipe a butt10 %
parsing token in java interpreter samples10 %
hawaii 1280x102410 %
wher can i find help on how to convert arithmetic expression into postfix representation10 %
agriculuture of hawaii10 %
ecg paint journal10 %
utah antelope island10 %
koneohe hawaii10 %
genealogy computer10 %
how did tornado accord10 %
genealogy logo10 %
10 %
rwanda. africa10 %
external packer10 %
lincoln log ghost toilet10 %
ford mach10 %
alligator alligator song10 %
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zip line and constructing10 %
evolving mach 3.0 to a migrating thread model bryan ford and jay lepreau10 %
genealogy graphics10 %
tornado in salt lake city10 %
salt lake junior academy10 %
poopie hair10 %
evolution of human physiology10 %
parsing linear10 %
actors10 %
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tigert genealogy10 %
les plages mombasa10 %
carmen10 %
scanner posline10 %
opus9910 %
fireball10 %
do the alligator song10 %
environment song mp310 %
bryan ford cs mit10 %
parsing grammar transformation10 %
free computer related links10 %
movie themes brahms10 %
what is the memory management of flux operating system10 %
saira khan rizwan mallal10 %
brynosaurus home page10 %
colby bryan10 %
recursive descent pars10 %
csroll10 %
butt toothpaste10 %
viagra in the water song download10 %
flex a tool for building efficient and flexible systems10 %
lcs algorithm comparison 2002 running time10 %
www.sleepless.com10 %
university of utah and candace christensen10 %
toilet liquid plumber10 %
hp pdl file server10 %
university utah 1991 graduation10 %
giving birth poopie10 %
funny poopie10 %
operating system mach design10 %
funny people pictures10 %
parsing operating systems10 %
urban müller10 %
public restroom sounds10 %
kids beach10 %
the waterford institute salt lake city10 %
mach 3.0 design10 %
eros pc game10 %
bath near time10 %
purple flower10 %
a startup company first project10 %
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baford mit10 %
liquid plumber10 %
mach 3.0- cpu scheduling10 %
carmen san diego10 %
mimosa escabrela10 %
packrat 6.110 %
high resolution pineapple pictures10 %
amiga mach microkernel10 %
suffix tree algorithm for determining a longest matching substring pair10 %
www.ford-publications10 %
bryan home kitchen10 %
mach port for the amiga10 %
liedtke10 %
fat file system spec architecture10 %
why you should wipe your butt?10 %
phobos software drivers10 %
humor posters10 %
hawaii paneramic10 %
yard toys zip line10 %
waterford institute provo10 %
in the beginning hmo10 %
model a ford publications10 %
don t buy a honda10 %
how many times do you wipe your butt10 %
ford cpu10 %
theory of evolution10 %
operating system thread thesis10 %
xpk amiga10 %
roger amorim10 %
photo album of rwanda10 %
hawaii scnerie10 %
bryan humor10 %
carmen electra nude10 %
backtrack monad haskell hughes10 %
ford utah10 %
inner worlds sleepless software10 %
bryan ford packrat10 %
bryan photo utah10 %
photo de bryan10 %
tornado novelty10 %
implementing lazy parsing10 %
senix10 %
hawaii valcanoes10 %
example java parser10 %
mach pdf ps operating system10 %
shrinking penis in alligators10 %
dump lincoln log10 %
recursive descent parser10 %
cpu inheritance10 %
nice hardware pc project10 %
how to wipe a butt10 %
car in tornado10 %
hawaii state flower10 %
tales from the white hart10 %
origins of expression barfly10 %
how wipe your butt10 %
lake overturn kivu10 %
algorithm of backtracking10 %
saint-saens the swan10 %
startup company and data compression10 %
what kind of poopie10 %
evolution of man10 %

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